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Womens Street Smart Dress Goldie London eLUemsUJF
Womens Street Smart Dress Goldie London
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e-Learning with a Heart In-depth Italian Lessons
e-Learning with a Heart: in-depth Italian lessons
> Course Materials > Grammar - Verbs 1
VERBS - part 1

Verbs are 'action words'! The verb is the element that conveys information on what the subject does or is and what actions he/she/it accomplishes or undergoes.


The "Indicative" is the basic mode we use in order to "indicate" what the subject does or is. We can give information about the subject in the present, in the past or in the future.

The use of the " Bicolour long dress Valentino ZZL1Wnzv
" is rather easy (Io amo l'Italia = I love Italy).

We have 3 main kinds of past: " Leather Slimfold Wallet abstract lines c by VIDA VIDA kdYAPT
, Medusa Palazzo clutch bag Black Versace jLp5v
, passato remoto " (1.Quando ero piccolo, sono andato a Venezia. 2. Garibaldì organizzò la "spedizione dei mille").

The use of the " Womens Bel Air Dress Blaumax WOEeR
" is also rather easy (sometimes it is even omitted and the present is used instead: 1. Questo fine settimana andrò al mare. 2. Questo fine settimana vado al mare).


"Essere" (to be) and "Avere" (to have) are called "auxiliary verbs"; they are called so because they "help" in the formation of compound tenses ("essere" + the past participle of a verb, "avere" + the past participle of a verb) and the passive construction ("essere" + a verb)

Verb "Essere", Present Indicative Lesson b_1

Verb "Essere", Present Indicative

[ BEGINNER STUDENTS : please study only the Present Indicative of this verb, as required in Lesson b_1]


Verb "Essere", complete chart

Verb "Avere", Present Indicative Mens Ua Lockdown 2 Basketball Shoes Under Armour pUSO6y

Verb "Avere", Present Indicative

[ BEGINNER STUDENTS : please study only the Present Indicative of this verb, as required in lesson 3]

In informal, daily and colloquial situations, Italians often combine the particle "ci" with the verb "avere"; this use of the verb "avere" is grammatically incorrect, but it is pretty common in the spoken language. Therefore you may hear someone asking "ciavete una penna?" (or spelled "c'avete una penna") instead of "avete una penna?" (do you have a pen?) or "ciabbiamo un buon libro da leggere" instead of "abbiamo un buon libro da leggere" (we have a good book to read.) Some Italian writers (Carlo Emilio Gadda...) use the verb "avere" with the particle "ci" in their writings to convey a feeling of 'informal, every day' language.

Verb "Avere", complete chart

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Art Design | Koolhaas, Delirious in Beijing
Supported by

By Amanda Wakeley Woman Ponte Dress Black Size 8 Amanda Wakeley JWngrWHd

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Aside from the new World Trade Center, it’s hard to think of a more contentious architectural project in the last few years than x REVOLVE PETITE Karolina size 27 also in 26282930 GRLFRND 30) GRLFRND 29 JOmqga8AQZ

After medium wallet Offwhite EJPlWB
, the project’s architect — along with his former Beijing partner, Ole Scheeren — unveiled the design in 2003 he was pilloried by Western journalists for glorifying a propaganda organ of the Chinese government. Several years later a fire at the site nearly burned down a neighboring building , also designed by Mr. Koolhaas, landing the director of the project and 19 others in prison for negligence and significantly delaying construction.

And then there’s something about the building’s appearance that seems to unsettle people. Just when things got back on track after the fire, a Chinese critic published an article saying that the building’s contorted form, which frames an enormous void at its center, was modeled on a pornographic image of a naked woman on her hands and knees. The piece ignited a storm of negative press, forcing Mr. Koolhaas to issue a denial.

Yet for all that, the CCTV headquarters may be the greatest work of built in this century. Mr. Koolhaas, of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, has always been interested in making buildings that expose the conflicting energies at work in society, and the CCTV building is the ultimate expression of that aim, beginning with the slippery symbolism of its exterior. At moments monumental and combative, at others strangely elusive, almost retiring, it is one of the most beguiling and powerful works I’ve seen in a lifetime of looking at architecture.

What grabs the imagination as much as anything is the vision the building offers of this particular period in history. Mr. Koolhaas has created an eloquent Mens Perth Pull Up Boat Shoe Rockport GCNSnS3
and, more generally, life in the developed world at the beginning of the 21st century. It captures our era much as the great works of the early Modernists did theirs.

Mr. Koolhaas has been one of architecture’s most influential thinkers since the late 1970s, when his book “Delirious New York” offered a celebration of the “culture of ” in at a time when many middle-class New Yorkers were still fleeing to the suburbs.

Black Bond Calf Leather Derbys Bodileys klmD03z


Over the next few decades he established himself as both an architect of extraordinary talent and the profession’s reigning enfant terrible. His 1997 competition Womens Cowboy Floral Cotton Shirtdress R13 kkNEZ
for an expansion of the Museum of Modern Art , which would have sunk the museum’s beloved sculpture garden into the ground and stowed curators in a tower labeled MoMA Inc., enraged many people at that institution but could well have reinvigorated an institution struggling to reimagine its identity. The 2004 Seattle Central Library , an uneven stack of slabs shrink-wrapped in a glass-and-steel web, was at once an evocative memorial to the conventional library and a monument to the new Information Age.



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